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What Is The Shot Blasting Process?

The shot blasting process uses an abrasive media, such as a type of grit or bead, and uses compressed air to propel it against the surface to be cleaned.

The media particles remove contamination, e.g. paint and rust, from the surface without damaging or distorting it. It is an ideal way to prepare a surface for painting, while avoiding the use of chemicals.

Where does the process take place?

All of our shot blasting takes place ‘in house’, in either our large blast room, or in one of the smaller hand cabinets.

The main blast room is where most of our work takes place, and is large enough to accommodate a car chassis or body shell. A large dust extraction unit continually pulls air through the room and sucks away the airborne dust. The blasting operator also wears full protective clothing and a helmet with an air supply.

What Types Of Media Do We Use?


For fast, effective removal of paint and rust from steel, cast iron, aluminium etc.


For precision, low pressure cleaning of a wide range items e.g. car body panels, alloy wheels and components for bespoke vehicle restoration. Also it can be used for gently stripping paint from wooden surfaces.


Ideal for precision, low pressure cleaning of engines, fibreglass and sone aluminium components. Although a useful media in some cases, we would normally recommend using crushed glass instead, which is more efficient and more cost effective.


Used to give a satin finish on many metal surfaces, normally as an optional second stage after an item has been grit blasted

—------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Examples Of Work We Can Do —----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Vehicle restoration such as vintage cars, motorcycles and tractors. Alloy wheels, bike frames and cylinder heads etc.

Domestic work, such as garden gates, railings and patio furniture, cast iron fireplace surrounds, windows, guttering and more.

Heavy industrial work such as steel beams and other structural steel components.

Delicate ornamental items, military memorabilia, glass frosting etc

Gently stripping paint and varnish from wooden parts, or ageing wood to give it  a driftwood appearance.

So, Why Choose Us?

Well,  for the most part, we’ll let you decide that after you meet us. We’ve been doing this for a long time now,  so we feel that we know what we’re doing. We don’t take chances with a customer’s pride and joy, so if we don’t think that we can give you the finish that you want, then we won’t start the job until we’ve discussed the situation further with you. Where possible we can do a sample to give you an idea of what to expect.

So, if you think you have a requirement, then give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss a project and give you as much information as we can.

Where an item is too small to be cleaned in the main room, we have the option to use one of our smaller hand cabinets.